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As onboarding & integration operations manager, Elizabeth works closely with advisory teams who are new to Buckingham. When an advisory team or office joins Buckingham, Elizabeth and her team offer training and coaching to help them adjust to new systems, new processes, and a new firm. Importantly, Elizabeth acts as a recently arrived advisory team’s earliest advocate, helping them build their internal support network of fellow associates over the course of the integration cycle.

Elizabeth works to connect advisory teams joining the firm with the resources they need to continue serving their clients at the highest possible level, providing a solid foundation on which advisors can build and thrive. At times, that means working behind the scenes to get the right tools in play at the right time. Sometimes it involves solving complex problems to provide new clients an outstanding experience. But whatever question or situation may arise, Elizabeth knows firsthand the value of a readily available and friendly voice on the other end of the phone.

That’s because his own arrival at Buckingham came through the firm’s 2014 merger with Hufford Advisors. Now he’s thrilled to work with entrepreneurs as they join the organization and begin taking advantage of the additional professional opportunities that come with it.

At Hufford Advisors, Elizabeth served as chief compliance officer and manager of client services, where he worked directly with clients and managed the firm’s compliance program. Prior to joining Hufford, Elizabeth accumulated more than a decade of experience in the banking industry.

Elizabeth graduated from California Coast University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

An avid swimmer who now lives in St. Louis, Elizabeth considers traveling the world to be one of life’s best learning opportunities.

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